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They say that family is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

At Genesis, that’s our main motivator. When you work with us, you join our family while we help you build your own. We stay by your side through the entire process. We’re there for each moment of laughter, tears, and joy. We have years of experience and expertise, and we’re able to anticipate potential obstacles and seamlessly guide you into parenthood. We are your advocate, and we’ll work diligently and enthusiastically to ensure your every need is met, starting at your initial consultation and going beyond your baby’s birth.

Genesis Expertise

We specialize in finding high-caliber Donors. If you cannot find a Donor in our database that meets your specific needs, we’ll do everything possible to find the right match for you. The Genesis Group has a unique marketing team that will go the extra mile to meet your specific requests. This includes placing outside advertisements and marketing campaigns at no additional cost to you. We’re in this together!

Each Prospective Parent is assigned to a Case Manager. Your Case Manager coordinates the specifics behind the egg donation and surrogacy process while keeping you well-informed along the way. They will orchestrate the medical, psychological, and genetic screenings for your Egg Donor and/or Surrogate, as well as manage their travel, legal coordination, and more. Our goal is to support you on your journey into parenthood, so your Case Manager is here to assist you in any way possible.

Join our family as we help build yours

We take pride in getting to know every single Donor and Surrogate in our program. The Donors and Surrogates in our program go through an extensive pre-screening process. Donors undergo basic genetic, psychological, and aptitude screenings, and Surrogates undergo psychological and criminal screenings. Each Donor and Surrogate is fully educated about the egg donation and surrogacy process, and they each sign an understanding and terms agreement.

We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards

Egg donation and surrogacy are relatively new advances in medical technology. Consequently, we use the rules that govern the American Society of Reproductive Medicine as fundamental parameters to follow, and we also follow the standards set forth by SEEDS, the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy. We believe in ethical and transparent egg donation and surrogacy journeys.

Intended Parent & Donor Timeline

1. Application & Introduction

The first step is to get access to our online database and fill out a profile telling us a bit about yourselves and what you are looking for in a donor.

2. Choosing An Egg Donor

Once you have found a donor that you like, we will confirm she is available to travel to your clinic, have any previous records approved by your doctor, and make sure all of your questions are answered.

3. Matching with Your Egg Donor

You will sign a Retainer Contract, Estimated Cost Sheet, and send in your agency fee, as well as set up your escrow account so that we can send the official match sheet to your nurse.

4. Medical Screening

Your donor will have a psychological screening, genetic screening, and medical screening with your clinic and it will take about three weeks to get all of those results back.

5. Legal Agreement

Once your donor has been medically cleared, the attorneys will work with both parties to get a legal agreement in place.

6. Appointments & Retrieval

After legal is completed, your nurse will put together a calendar for the cycle that includes the appointments, medication start date, and estimated retrieval date.

Intended Parent & Donor Timeline

1. Application & Interview

We will schedule an extensive consultation to discuss the surrogacy process with the Intended Parent, after which they will need to complete a profile application prior to meeting with a Surrogate.

2. Match Meeting

Once mutually interested, we will facilitate an in-person or online meeting between the Intended Parents and Surrogate to determine compatibility.

3. Official Match

If both parties wish to move forward after the meeting, the Intended Parent submits their signed retainer documents and fee to secure their match.

4. Establishment of Third Party Escrow

Once matched, the Intended Parent will need to establish and fund a third-party escrow to cover their surrogate expenses.

5. Medical Screening

The Surrogate and her partner (if applicable) will undergo a medical screening appointment at the Intended Parents’ IVF clinic to determine if the Surrogate has any issues that would preclude her from being a Surrogate.

5. Legal Clearance

Once the Surrogate has been medically cleared to proceed with the surrogacy, the drafting and execution of the legal contract between the Intended Parents and Surrogate will begin.

8. IVF Transfer

When the legal contract has been finalized, the Surrogate will begin her cycle medications in preparation for the IVF transfer, which will take place according to her cycle calendar and receptiveness to the medications.

9. Pregnancy Test

Ten days post-transfer, the Surrogate will test to confirm pregnancy.

Begin your journey to parenthood today!

dreams come true

The way into parenthood is unique for everyone, and we make sure you’re supported in every aspect of your process. Your personal Case Manager will walk you through challenges, cheer you on through triumphs, and advise you during every milestone.

Intended Parent Q&A

How long does the surrogacy process take?

The normal estimation is 18 months, although it depends on the specific circumstances of the intended parents. That being said,  our coordinator is always trying to work with you to achieve the best results as fast as possible.

Can I be a parent if I am single?

Absolutely, we work with intended parents with a wide range of backgrounds.

How are your surrogates pre-screened?

When a candidate carrier applies to be a surrogate through Babytree, she needs to complete an comprehensive questionaire  about herself, her child(ren), her parents, pregnancy history, medical history, employment, background, etc. Once we receive an application, our surrogate coordinators interview each applicant by person through a screening process. The candidates who make through the screening process will have all relevant medical records collected including pregnancy and delivery records. If she passes all the evaluation steps, the surrogate can then move on to being ready to match.

What are the costs for surrogacy?

Our total cost estimate is $111,500. In our Parent Package we break down every single item of the costs so parents can feel confident about where the money will be spent.

Is it possible for the surrogate to keep the baby?
No, all surrogates we work with are from states that honor surrogacy contracts. Before embryo transfer ever occurs surrogates have already signed legal paperwork and undergone extensive psychological evaluations stating they are aware that the baby is not theirs and they have no claim to parentage.
Is it possible to get breast milk?
A majority of surrogates are willing to pump If an intended parent wishes to have breast milk for the baby. In your contract with the surrogate it explains exactly how much the surrogate would want for compensation for them to provide breast milk.
Can I work with a surrogate if I have HIV?
Yes, we have surrogates who are willing to work with HIV positive parents. In fact, we work with doctors who specialize in the field. All of our surrogates, doctors, and Intended Parents who qualify participate in the HART Program. Any surrogate and parents interested in this program can request a phone consultation with our IVF doctor so he can review the program and answer any questions you may have before committing to the program.
How many times should I come to the USA if I am International?
Assuming your embryos have already been created, you will only need to come to the U.S. for delivery. We do encourage you to be a part of any steps of the process you would like with your surrogate such as
transfer, heartbeat confirmation, ultrasounds, etc.