Compensation guidelines

You and your intended parents, with legal counsel, agree to your compensation plan. While there is no one plan that covers all situations, you can expect a compensation that generally follows these guidelines.

Surrogate compensation

Fee for gestational surrogate (experienced gestational surrogates may qualify for higher compensation)

— $40,000 (surrogate mother located in CA)

Monthly incidentals (travel to doctors appointments, parking, childcare, FedEx, faxes, healthy diet, vitamins, etc.)

— $300 per month

Housekeeping allowance & child care

— $250 per month (begin on the first day of the third trimester and end three weeks after delivery)

Maternity clothing allowance

 — $800 (add $200 for multiples)

Health insurance for surrogate (premiums, co-pays and deductibles)

 — $12,000 (estimate, actual costs apply)

Life insurance for surrogate

— $350 to $1,000 (estimate, actual costs apply)

Signing bonus fee


Cycle Preparation Medication Start


Embryo transfer fee

— $1,000

Confirmation of pregnancy by blood test (Beta HCG)


Confirmation of pregnancy by fetal heartbeat


Group/individual support meeting allowance

 — $100 per month

Stipend for surrogate’s independent attorney

 — $2,000

Possible additional compensation

Multiple pregnancy

— $7,500

Fee for travel and lodging expenses if surrogate lives 125+ miles from IVF clinic

— actual costs apply

Invasive procedures

— $500 (most procedures)

Caesarean section

— $2,500

Loss of uterus

 — $7,500

Companion travel (if desired, for invasive procedures only)

 — actual costs apply

Companion lost wages

 — variable with negotiated cap

Childcare during doctor ordered bed rest

 — variable with negotiated cap

Surrogate lost wages

 — variable with negotiated cap